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Introducing Our Affiliated Company Pilot Marine Supplies


The Company

Founded in 1996 and headquartered in Piraeus Greece, Pilot Marine Supplies is one of Greece leading technical stores, safety and cabin Stores Company. With a dedicated and experienced staff, Pilot Marine Supplies serves more than 400 major ports worldwide.
Backed by the resources of this extensive regional network, our company is able to respond promptly to customers’ needs and provide world-class service.  


One-Stop Service


We offer the shipping and offshore industry a one-stop total supply solution; from new building supplies to direct personalized servicing of vessels at shipyards.

With over 40 years of experience in the maritime industry, Pilot Marine Supplies knowledgeable staff can efficiently provide technical, safety, provisions, bonded and cabin stores through our sister company that can accurately meet each customer's needs.

At Pilot Marine Supplies, we are dedicated to all requests for quotes, from small to large. We provide our clients with the fastest turnaround time. We want to be with you every step of the way by providing the right items with the highest quality at the right time & price.


Marine & Safety Stores

A wide range of navigation and safety equipment for the maritime community and outdoor adventurers. For vessels traveling to international waters, a worldwide collection of national flags including Ensigns are available. Additionally, signs and safety posters are available to be ordered and delivered to the specified location.

IMPA coded deck and engine store items are also able to be sourced and supplied.

The sheer volume of on-hand stocks, both the broad variety of items as well as their value, sets Pilot Marine Supplies apart in the marketplace. Current items stocked exceed 10.000 marine-specific products


 The range of products available for immediate delivery covers the spectrum of A-to-Z


  • Deck and engine stores                                

  • Electrical stores

  • Marine Chemicals

  • Safety Equipment and apparel

  • Marine Charts                                                 

  • Medical supplies

  • Spare Parts


From a variety of nuts & bolts to spare parts, plus many thousands of items in between, Pilot’s stocks address vessel requirements from bow to stern.

In order to accommodate this inventory Pilot Marine Supplies operates 3.000 Sq. mtr of facilities.

Pilot Marine Supplies Group is committed to be our customers’ premier total solutions provider. We strive to deliver consistent product quality at competitive prices and our dedicated team is contactable round-the-clock to serve you.


We are certified with


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