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Our Business Philosophy

It is our goal to provide our customers (vessels, owners, and vessel managers) with quality products, competitive prices, and outstanding service.


•        Teamwork

•        Providing excellent customer service and consistently meeting customer needs

•        Delivering on promises

•        Showing respect for our colleagues, customers and suppliers

•        Continuous improvement

•        Safety, quality and sustainability



•        To provide the best service, to be the first supplier our customers call and to have the best facilities to operate out of.



•        To grow sales in all areas, improve efficiency and maintain excellent service


Our Team

Pilion Hellas S.A. is committed to fulfilling our clients’ particular needs. With our dedicated employees and more than 40 years of combined experience, we provide our clients with top-of-the-line customer service and product availability from the most trusted brands in the industry. No matter the size, location or need of your company, Pilion Hellas is your dependable one-stop-shop for high-quality service and top-brand equipment.



Refrigerated Fleet with temperature monitor and tracking is critical for dependable delivery

Our Fleet

Pilion Hellas operates an extensive truck fleet to support business needs. All trailers & box trucks are refrigerated and equipped with lift gates to support fleet management and timely deliveries. The fleet is renewed at defined intervals to assure vehicle dependability and deliver environmental stewardship. Drivers undergo extensive testing and receive ongoing training throughout their employ. This includes detailed background checks, and continuous job specific training. Pilion Hellas drivers represent the Company at the time of delivery and are excellent professionals, after all, they have personal contact with our valued clients.

Our Quality, Health and Safety Management System provides the framework that embeds Quality and Safety into the Company’s goal of achieving excellence as a leading supplier to the Food Service and Shipping industries.














Technical stores and spare parts

You will find through our affiliated company Pilot Marine Supplies {} our inventory of deck, engine, safety or cabin stores and spare parts. These items are always in stock and are ready for prompt delivery.

Quality Assurance

Consistency and improve of service are essential tenets of our company policy. We aim to continually improve our services to ensure they meet our customer’s growing expectations and needs.

Implementation of our policy is achieved through the application of the Company’s quality manual, including the establishment of quality objectives, associated processes, procedures and work instructions. In acknowledging the importance of our vendors’ performance in achieving our quality aims, we seek to establish a close and constructive relationship only with reputable manufacturers supplying quality products for the marine environment.

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